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1.Web Work

Website Development, Games Development, Mobile Application + more...


2.Design Work

Logo Design, Photoshop Edits, Business Cards, T-Shirt Prints + more...



Fast Hosting, Reliable Servers, 24hours Support, Free Maintenance.


4.Other Services

We cover a wide range of web services, take a browse through our...


welcome to Geniemax - The Future of Online

Ever wondered the purpose of all these social platforms? Its just to make money that's the truth, but here at Geniemax as well as making money we wish to share it with you,
Get Paid! for socializing with your friends and family.

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Geniemax Lab Studio

From Androids to Web Development, Maybe even Aliens?

We can't expect our fancy design to speak for us alone, so why not take a browse through our previous work and art, hope you enjoy.

clients testimonials

Geniemax is a great company! I've hosted with them and have hired them with assisting me in some coding on my websites. They are a very professional company and are excellent at what they do! When I have problems I turn to Geniemax! They are reliable and great and I would recommend them to anyone who wants the job done right!

- Janos Kalman. Game Developer

I have used Geniemax for a multiple services (hosting, webdesign etc...) and they have never failed to hit deadlines and have went the extra mile to make sure everything is up to standard everything from bug fixes to the graphics!, they always gave me updates every other day to tell me how the project was doing and how it was coming along sending me previews of what was done so far. I'd also like to add the servers are very fast to and never go down like my last hosting provider! So if you're looking for anything from web design to web development look no further!.

- Dylan T. Media

my first time experience here was very good, at first i wasn't so confident in going ahead due to past experience with other companies, however the Geniemax team decided to work around my preferences where i only paid after the project was completed, building this bond gave me me assurance and confidence to use most of their services and i am still using them to date, overall great services and supports - quality is also 100% none less.

- Amanda V. Art Designer